Carlos Gustavo Ruiz

what i’m doing now

Recently I moved with my wife to Panama. This is a new beginning for us, time for new challenges, and keep working for our dreams. Here we are, learning the local terms for our common expressions, I got a new job programming a mobile app, and learning new stuff.


A few years ago I got hooked with Haskell, but lack of time, my job and procrastinating led me to quit. Now I’m giving a try again and is the reason for my blog new engine, and this is magic. I still don’t get all the concepts of functional programming but I’m working on it. Since I don’t have money for buying books yet, I’m working on free and online resources like the book Real World Haskell and the exercises in Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems.

More related with my current job I’m updating my ionic skills, and learning some typescript.

Personal Projects

Now my new page is online and kinda stable in my new job, I’m going to resume some ideas:

  • Sparrow10 - site to promote my work.
  • wip - an assistant to help me during programming (it’s a WIP).
  • Pong - a CppVE project for learning.


Current Reading

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.